• Jewelry Vendor Horsing Around at Chattahoochee Hills

    Just checking in to share my weekend as a jewelry vendor at Chattahoochee Hills Eventing Horse Competition in Fairburn.

    I expected more. More people. More sales. More Business. Not!!! What I got was MORE TIME with my kids which was much needed. Silver lining. Shae made two new friends. They made bracelets at my beading table. Cedric got his funnel cake. Shae road the pony and got her face painted.


    This horse tried to attack me. If the rider had turned loose the reigns, he would have swooped right on in. I met some amazing women with some cool businesses. Not a bad day at all. But boy! I sure am glad it's over. Would I do it again? Probably not. If I spend more than I make, it's a waste of time and money. That's all folks!

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  • Audrey Hepburn Inspire Custom Bridal Jewelry

    I love making custom jewelry. When it's custom bridal jewelry, that makes the piece much more special, because a bride (or groom) allowed me to share in an important time in their life. This time it was an even greater pleasure because the bride is my soon-to-be sister-in-law Jessica. We took our inspiration from Audrey Hepburn's classic style.

    Portrait of Belgian-born American actress Audrey Hepburn (1929 - 1993) as she wears a strapless gown and holds white kid-gloved hands up to her chin, early 1950s. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)[/caption]

    I stumbled upon the picture above during a Google search. Jessica previously told me her personal style was similar to Audrey Hepburn. She shared the outfits she planned to wear to her bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. 

    Jessica wore a white a-line dress with similar lines[/caption] I used 18 guage dead soft round sterling silver wire to create the Hepburn inspired earrings but put the Ayana Glaze spin on it. Faceted crystal quartz was wrapped into the design - adding the flair of elegance. 

    Jessica's finished earrings for her bridal shower[/caption]   I love the way they turned out. And, more importantly, I love that she really liked her earrings.

    Jessica is all smiles in her Audrey Hepburn-inspired earrings.

    I enjoyed bringing this bridal design to life. Now on to an inspired pin for her wedding bouquet. Stay tuned! I'll post that soon. What do you think of my spin on this icon's jewelry style?

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  • Top Atlanta Jewelry Retailer Now Offers Ayana Glaze Designs

    Ayana Glaze Jewelry is pleased to announce the add to Jewelry Artisans Designer Collection. The top Atlanta jewelry retailer is located at 4500 Olde Perimeter Way Atlanta Georgia 30346.

    Jewelry Artisans is family owned and operated since 1973, they have been blessed to be recognized as one of Atlanta’s premier custom jewelers.

    “I’m so excited to share the Ayana Glaze Designs collections with Jewelry Artisans’ customers. It is a great opportunity and I feel very blessed and humbled for the experience. Jewelry Artisans showcases the beautiful artistry of many amazing artist. I am very thankful they chose to add meto their designer roster,” said Glaze.

    Ayana Glaze Jewelry is a classic custom jewelry handcrafted in the Ayana Glaze Design Studio in College Park, GA. Each piece in the collection has a spark of couture, giving it an edge without interrupting the timelessness of the design. Ayana Glaze made-to- order designs allows the customer to have a piece of jewelry customized to fit their style needs.

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  • Her Story: Adayah "The Great Cloud of Witnesses" Necklace

    The Shekinah Collection has expanded – expanding farther than I ever could have imagined. But isn’t that how God works? He works in mysterious and unexpected ways. The Adayah Necklace is such an example.

    Shortly, after Alethia Hudson, my spiritual mentor, owner of AYH Designs and founder of the Sew Much Talent Community, began wearing my signature Shekinah necklace, she said on one of her Periscopes that she never leaves home without her her cloud of witness.

    Can you say inspiration?

    Me wearing the "Great Cloud of Witnesses" necklace during a photoshoot

    When I sketched this Great Cloud of Witness necklace, I was awe-struck. I knew exactly how it would fall. I didn’t even think about when I would make it. I knew I had to make it.

    As you know, I am serious about giving my pieces the right names. I researched and found the Hebrew name Adayah – meaning God’s witness. That was it.

    When I made to for the first time I was so moved that I started to cry. Literally! My kids were like, “Momma are you crying over that necklace?” I couldn’t help it. It was beautiful to me.

    I hope it is beautiful to you, too!

    So What’s the Inspiration for The Great Cloud of Witness Necklace?

    “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,” Hebrew 12:1 

    Designer mood board for the Adayah, Great Cloud of Witnesses necklace

    What is the great cloud of witness? It is the collective of spiritual patriarchs and matriarchs – the one’s we read about in the Bible, the ones who we read about in history books, the ones in our personal lives who have gone on the Glory. They are our spiritual cheerleaders as we run this Christian race. The ones who bear witness to our life challenges and testimonies.  The one’s who say we made it and you can, too!

    The Adayah “Great Cloud of Witness” Necklace is a reminder of them and the charge for us all to keep running this race and focusing on the end game. The heavenly reward.

    About the Adayah Necklace

    The Adayah necklace is made using sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled wire that is sculpted by hand into beautiful cloud shapes and then textured to create a dazzling effect. The clouds cascade forming an overlapping wave affect. The necklace is available in 14kt gold-filled, sterling silver and tri-color.

    Shop the Great Cloud of Witness in Gold, Silver or Tri-tone at AyanaGlazeJewelry.com.

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  • 6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out in Jewelry #PreserveYourBling

    You love your jewelry. You love working out. But did you know that wearing your jewelry during a workout can damage it? Here are six reasons you shouldn’t work out in jewelry.   Learn why it's a bad idea to work out in jewelry
    1. You could lose it. Jewelry can slip off during a workout. If you wear fitness gloves, sweat can lubricate your fingers and make rings come of when you removing the gloves. In colder temperatures, our extremities shrink a little, making it easy for rings to slip off.
    2. You could break it. Rings, bracelets and necklaces can get caught in gym machines and break when you work out in jewelry.
    3. Sun damage is real. Jewelry that is exposed to the sun too long can become discolored, lose luster and become brittle.
    4. Sweat and metals don’t jive. Your sweat has chemicals in it. These chemicals can damage your gold, silver and platinum jewelry, not to mention the dulling effect it can have on gemstones.
    5. Swimming pools and jewelry don’t mix. If Clorox is chlorine bleach, then it stands to reason that chlorine in pools can damage and discolor gemstones. It can also erode gemstones.
    6. Permanent damage is a real possibility. This one if for the Tough Mudders, obstacle course lovers and gardeners out there. Rocks and dirt are abrasive. You can scratch, nick or cut the stones in your fashion and fine jewelry.
    Am I saying to not work out if you are a jewelry lover? No, I am not. Get those workouts in! Just do it the right way. #PreserveYourBling. Remove your jewelry before you work out. It will last a very long time. How do you #preserveyourbling when you work out? Tell us in the comment section below.
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