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bling: (noun) flashy jewelry worn especially as an indication of wealth or status

fling: (noun) a short period of enjoyment or wild behavior

Bling Fling: a two-hour jewelry making party where you learn how to make jewelry in a fun, social setting. 

Have a Mommy and Me and me Bling Fling

Have a Bling Fling and make a whole lot of memories while you and your guests make beaded bracelets that they can take home as a memento.

Have a Bling Fling jewelry making party as a kids birthday party activity.  Take the hassle and headache out of planning a birthday party. This is your party activity, entertainment and party favor all in one.

Bling Fling Jewelry making party

Have a Bling Fling as a team building exercise for your office staff. Make it fun and special by choosing a health and wellness theme.

There are lots of reasons to host a BlingFling but the biggest is for the fun and memories.

Join me at one of my monthly BlingFling session to try it for yourself. 

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