About Ayana Glaze Jewelry

ayana-aboutAyana Glaze Jewelry is handcrafted in the Atlanta studio of Ayana Glaze. The self-taught designer began making jewelry because she wanted a pair of earrings and couldn’t find anything she liked in stores. Her father-in-law, witnessing the results of her creative process, encouraged her to start her own jewelry business. In 2011, Ayana opened her first jewelry shop on Etsy- Yana’s Boutique. As the jewelry designer in her blossomed, her design aesthetic became more refined. Her brand evolved and Yana’s Boutique became Ayana Glaze Jewelry.

Ayana Glaze Jewelry is best described as timeless jewelry with an edge. It is truly classic, custom and couture jewelry. Each piece is designed to be a classic that can be worn today and look fabulous or years from now and still look fabulous. Each piece in the collection has a spark of couture, giving it an edge without interrupting the timelessness of the design. Made-to-order designs allow wearers to a have a piece of jewelry customized for their needs.

Ayana Glaze uses a variety of materials to bring her jewelry designs to life. The primary elements of Ayana Glaze Jewelry are semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystals and 14kt gold-filled wire, chain and findings.