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Imagine stylish jewelry that lets you express your faith in a unique way no matter where you are.

Meet Spiritual Jewelry Designer Ayana Glaze

My client Jill, says her Shekinah Earrings by Ayana Glaze Designs jewelry do just that.

“These earrings let me talk about my Jesus anywhere I am…the workplace, the hospital, the school…anywhere!”

Every piece of jewelry I create is an expression of faith. You’ll find unique, beautiful jewelry that offers a deeper more personal meaning that you can connect to. Imagine jewelry that:

From the design, to the name, to the story behind it, everything about a piece of Ayana Glaze Designs jewelry is a story you can tell. The beauty of the piece will catch someone’s eye. They’ll inquire about it, then you can share the story behind the piece, why you wear it, and the deeper meaning it has for you personally.

Who knew a piece of jewelry could make it easier to bear witness to God’s love!

How This All Started

I just wanted a pair of earrings.

That’s how this jewelry passion of mine started. I wanted a pair of earrings, couldn’t find what I wanted in stores, so I made a pair.

There was no wondering if I could do it. There was only the vision of what I wanted. And so, I did it. I made a pair of earrings.

Making one pair of earrings turned into a hobby. My hobby became my passion. My passion became my business.

Today my passion for jewelry design goes beyond filling a desire for something different. There’s a higher purpose – starting the conversation about salvation.

A Calling to Use Jewelry as a Medium to Share Stories of Faith

As a self-taught jewelry artist, it took some time for my design aesthetic to become clear. The more I journeyed on in this space, I noticed that I was creating designs inspired by Bible stories. I soon realized I was a not-so-typical spiritual jewelry designer, designing clouds, like those in my Shekinah Collection, rather than crosses.

The mission became clear. Take my expertise as a writer, combine it with jewelry design, and share God’s word in a way that would draw people, not turn them away.

God has inspired me with vision and anointed my hands to craft beautiful jewelry that encourages, offers hope, inspires, and ultimately draws people to salvation.

More than a Jewelry Business; It’s a Ministry

Ayana Glaze Designs lets me operate in the marketplace and share the love of Christ. Where better than to share stories of hope, love, and faith. After all, that’s where Jesus spent most of his time.

So, go ahead!

Shine your light stylishly with eye-catching, high-quality designer jewelry, handcrafted from sterling silver, gold-filled, and gold wire and metals combined with semi-precious gemstones.