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Fire by Night Necklace


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This head-turner is inspired by the Exodus. God appeared as a pillar of fire by night to light the way for the children of Israel as they traveled. The Fire by Night necklace is a reminder that God is also there for us in dark times to be that beacon guiding us.

The Fire by Night necklace is the perfect gift for a woman who has seen her share of dark times and is a witness to God's light of hope. 

Sculpted by hand using Argentium Sterling Silver then hammered to created a unique texture that twinkles in the light. Polished to a brilliant sheen.

Choose from a sterling silver necklace, gold necklace or a rose gold Fire by Night pendant on a sterling silver chain. 

Pendant measures 1 1/2" x 2 1/2".

Chain options 20", 24", 32"